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How to Volunteer

The Pro Bono Center offers volunteer opportunities in multiple legal disciplines. 该中心为2万多名残疾人提供服务.C. residents per year thanks to the generous efforts of our dedicated volunteers. 我们通过提供专家导师来支持志愿者, 由我们经验丰富的法律人员指导, training, and resources to successfully represent clients or provide brief legal advice or information.

充分代表权(个人) & Families)

Advocacy & Justice Clinic

The D.C. Bar Pro Bono Center invites volunteer attorneys to apply to represent a client through the Advocacy & Justice Clinic . 可用的诉讼事项包括家庭法, eviction defense, housing conditions, 驱逐记录盖章, consumer law, 否认社会保障很重要.  We provide volunteer attorneys with the support they need for successful representation – recorded trainings, practice materials, expert mentors, 医疗事故保险. 有兴趣的志愿者可以填写我们的 志愿者调查问卷.

Bankruptcy Clinic

Our Bankruptcy Clinic provides full representation counseling and legal assistance to potential Chapter 7 debtors. Volunteer attorneys represent individuals filing personal bankruptcy by providing advice, 准备请愿书和相关的时间表, 出席债权人会议,   and otherwise handling all aspects of the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process. Volunteers who are not experienced bankruptcy attorneys must attend one of our twice-yearly training sessions. 所有志愿者必须是有良好信誉的会员.C. 酒吧或另一个美国酒吧.S. jurisdiction. 如有兴趣,请与我们联系 [email protected].

简短服务(个人 & Families)

移民法律咨询 & Referral Clinic

志愿者可以帮助个人通过我们的季度 移民法律咨询 & Referral Clinic. 通常在三月举行, June, September, and December, 这家诊所提供法律信息, brief advice, and referrals to individuals with civil legal problems concerning U.S. immigration law. We welcome active barred attorney volunteers to complete client intakes and provide brief legal advice, information, and referrals. Expert immigration attorneys are on-site at every clinic to supervise and mentor volunteers. Please click here to apply.

Business & 交易法(适用于非营利组织 & Small Businesses)

Our Nonprofit & 小企业法律援助计划(NPSB) 提供简短的法律咨询服务, information, full representation, and training to community-based nonprofit organizations that serve D.C. 低收入居民, as well as small businesses that contribute to the economic health and wellbeing of D.C. neighborhoods. 我们邀请事务性靠谱的滚球平台, business, or corporate law backgrounds to volunteer at our brief advice legal clinics, 在正在进行的事件中代表非营利组织, 培训非营利组织和小型企业的法律基础知识, or draft educational guides on legal topics of importance to these organizations. We offer both virtual and in-person volunteer opportunities at our NPSB clinics.

Our NPSB volunteers provide assistance with entity formation, tax-exempt status, corporate governance, 小企业视角下的劳动法, intellectual property, commercial leases, contracts, and risk management. Most volunteers assist in areas of the law they already practice, but NPSB offers a library of trainings 对于缺乏相关经验的志愿者.

Attorneys interested in volunteering at the virtual version of our monthly Small Business Brief Advice Legal Clinic can fill out this form. For additional volunteer opportunities with our Nonprofit & 小企业法律援助计划,请联系 [email protected].


公益中心为法律系学生提供机会, paralegals, 还有其他不是靠谱的滚球平台的志愿者.  Our 移民法律咨询 & Referral Clinic 提供法律信息, brief advice, and referral services to those with civil legal issues concerning U.S. immigration laws. We welcome non-lawyer volunteers to assist with a variety of tasks ranging from setup and logistics to translation services. These clinics are held quarterly.  有兴趣的志愿者可以填写 this form or contact [email protected].

Another  opportunity available for non-attorney volunteers  is our monthly Advice & Referral ClinicD.C. 有法律知识的居民, advice, and brief services in civil matters ranging from bankruptcy and family law to public benefits and housing. Paralegals, law students, and other non-attorney volunteers can participate by conducting intake interviews with clinic attendees to gather information before the client meets with an attorney. 欲了解更多信息,请访问我们的 Advice & Referral web page or contact [email protected].

Our Nonprofit & 小企业法律援助项目 welcome law students and paralegals to serve as intake volunteers at our in-person Small Business Brief Advice Legal Clinic, held every other month. This clinic provides brief advice and legal information to local small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs on corporate and transactional legal issues. Intake volunteers administer short screening interviews with clinic attendees so each business may be paired with an attorney who has the appropriate expertise to assist. 无需事先培训或经验. Intake shifts last two and a half hours, and most clinics are held 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. 工作日晚上或早上9:30.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Saturday mornings. To join the email list for intake volunteer opportunities, email [email protected].


公益服务通常从培训开始. The Pro Bono Center offers training in the areas of law in which D.C. 低收入居民最需要帮助. 查看我们当前的培训时间表 here. Questions? 请给我们的培训团队发邮件 [email protected].


If you are interested in pro bono opportunities outside the D.C. Bar公益中心,我们邀请您在线查看我们的 法律服务目录 providers along with, an online clearinghouse for pro bono opportunities in the District.


Federal government attorneys may volunteer through the Federal Government Pro Bono Program. 请与劳拉·克莱因联系 [email protected] or Lara Eilhardt at [email protected].


Not a D.C. Bar member? D.C. 上诉法院规则第49条 规定非d的某些豁免.C. Bar members licensed in other states engaged in pro bono work in D.C. Please check the rule to determine whether you fall within one of these exemptions. Non-Bar members who fall within the Rule 49 exemptions are welcome to attend our training sessions.

The  Pro Bono Center provides malpractice insurance for all our volunteers.

Ready to get involved in the Pro Bono Center’s work, but not sure how to start? Contact our Training & 志愿者专家 [email protected] or 202-780-2591.